Desserts and Ice-creams in Gurgaon, Mumbai - Frugurpop


    Siddharth Sanewal

    Tried them for the first time at galleria.. Still trying to pik out my favourite flavour... I suggest u try them all!! #INSANE

    Himani Aggarwal

    My friend introduced me to Frugurpop and made me try their Fruitiliccious. This one is truly delicious. With actual Kiwi, Plum, Mango and Strawberry peices it is so light on your stomach and easy on the tongue. Just melts in the mouthyou can chew away the fruit pieces. The low sugar content make them further lovable. This is one Healthy Ice Candy. The concept is so new and fresh just like there flavours and presentation. A must try for all. I would love to try their other flavours soon. Cant wait to try! Looking forward to more of their outlets preferable close to home.. :D

    Drishti Kaul

    Beat the heat, sail through the monsoons or embrace the winter with these exotic popsicles! With an array of flavours, Frugurpop is managing to keep me delighted and fresh during all these seasons... The only thing i ever switch to, is their constant innovation!!! Since one can order them in bulk, it's the best dessert (with the least calories), to serve during parties and gettogethers. A suggestion to all: When expecting guests, share your happinness and surprise them with this yummy treat ;) Personal favourite(s): Oreo cookies and cream, Mango cheesecake & Fruitilicious

    Divya Chawla

    Super duper awesome Popsicles..went there all the way from noida..and want to go again n again..yum yum..fruitilicious is the best popsicle...they should have dry ice for take away Popsicles

    Dhananjay Sabharwal

    Had been looking out for the ice cream van for a long time, finally got to know about their location through their Facebook page! So I tried the fruitilicious and the pomegranate raspberry, both of them were delicious! The Popsicles are priced at a higher side but they're totally worth trying. Overall good experience!

    Grub Society

    Went bananas after having the frugopop - Banana Date Pistachio with Nutella. As the name tells the story of how sinful could it be something having a strong flavour of banana and an equally overwhelming taste of Nutella. Along with it I popped another Tiramisu Popsicle was really tough to decide which one I like more. I will vote for the Banana Date Pistachio with Nutella simply because it had more of a surprise element in it. But that doesn't mean I won't have the left over Tiramisu Popsicle tomorrow.

    Kayvee Vohra

    Excellent product, I am really glad that it has very low sugar content as seldom can I stop at one! The wide choice of flavours makes it a different experience each time. Please make it more widely available . Nonetheless home deliveries work well too. Frugurpop was a big hit as a Dessert for an unexpected evening gettogether !!

    Aarushi Kapur

    Aarushi: Wow!! What a brilliant concept!! I love it. The pictures look so tempting. Dying to have one Frugurpop right now. My favourite is mango cheesecake..never eaten cheesecake on a stick before..the cake inside the popsicle is the best part!! Come out with an outlet guys and ill be your permanent customer.

    Ajay Padda

    I was in a mall when i came across Frugurpop , thought of trying one , and ended up having 5 of them . Really wonderful ice lollies . Must try ! they got some really wonderful flavors .

    Pavel Sharma

    you have got to try them..they are exceptional!!!


    Guys.. these eye catching Popsicles are really mouthwatering. I am damn sure that you will not be able to stop yourself after having one as there are a lot of tempting varieties and you must try them to find your favorites. If you like creamy then you must try Banana date Pistachio with Nutella, if you like real fruity then you must try Kiwi strawberry lemonade and Peach Plum cranberry though every popsicle is peculiar and luscious. These Popsicles will really blast real fruity flavors in your mouth even you will enjoy chewing some real fruit chunks.KUDOS.. to Frugurpop…

    Sumit Dhundhara

    Fabulous ice candy!!!!! Amazing variety to satisfy your taste buds! It's definitely a must go if you are looking for a tantalizing experience:)

    Ishita Parashar

    Delicious😍😍😍😍 Must try the fruitilicious one!

    Mihir Govil

    Yummylicious...........................Scrumptious.................................! :) Tx, looking forward to taste them all ! loved every bit of it. # Sagun Nagar   must try!

    Nakul Kumar

    After reading the reviews on Zomato, me and my wife ordered few of the lick lollies at home. Must say the new flavors were mind blowing. Most of the fruit flavors have actual fruit pieces in it which really make it appealing in terms of taste and looks. We made gift pack of the lollies  for all my sisters this Rakhi. They simply loved it . Thank you pallavi for make customized gift packs in Dry Ice packing, My personal favorite is the Mango Cheesecake while my sisters simply swears by the Peach and Guava. Everyone should try all flavors to find their favs. My only issue is that you close by evening. Would love to order lollies after Dinner as well. :)

    Akshay Dhar

    Frugurpop sells great Paleta's (A kind of Latin American ice pop's). Had been looking to have a Paleta for a long time and then came across Frugurpop. They are better present in Mumbai and finally we can have it in NCR.. that too in Gurgaon.  It is truly a melt in mouth dessert and one of its kind... Frugurpop is still to start a full-fledged operations in Gurgaon, But we hope that will start soon. Locate them on Map ... Call Them... And they even do home delivery.  Must Try ... Again and Again

    Naman Anand

    So we ordered these amazing popsicles at work today after a colleague received a wonder food voucher from Zomato.  Firstly a big thanks to Zomato for the vouchers. Really encourages us to keep writing reviews which I love doing anyway. So coming to the desserts. We ordered 6 ice creams- two frutilicious, one tiramisu, two oreo cookie cream, one le Chocolatier. They were all really amazing and something very different from normal desserts! My fav was the tiramisu but they were all delicious and delivered in individually packed wrappers in an ice box. Would only suggest real fruit lovers to try the fruitilicious as its not for everyone. Would definitely want to try the other flavours as well. Especially mango cheesecake as it seems very interesting but wasn't available today.

    Divya Arya

    Another one of my awesome findings at the grub fest, a small counter which could be easily missed, but thankfully I didn't miss it. So there were a variety of flavours to choose from, quite confusing actually as all of the flavours sounded so perfect and the sight of each one of them was extremely tempting. I settled for the pomegranate and raspberry one, being the refreshing flavours that they are and it was love at first bite. I could taste the pomegranate bits and the nice juicy raspberry flavour and it was just frozen perfectly. Loved it!

    Prerna Jain

    This cute little ice cream parlour im sushank lok in gurgaon is just amazing. They have just awesome variety of ice creams. They taste is very different and for sure it is a must try.

    Romika Kapoor Puri

    Yum yum yum my daughter and I love their pops... While Kashvi is in love with triple berry I love fruitilious...can't get enough of Frugurpop...soo glad its close to my house and on our way back from Lil one's school :)...

    Akriti Kapoor

    I tried out a 'Paleta' (a Latin American ice pop made from fresh fruit) for the first time at Frugurpop's stall at an event today at The Grand hotel. They had quite a nice range of flavours- from kiwi strawberry lemonade and green apple mint tea to tiramisu. I went for the strawberry cheesecake flavour. It was quite different and very tasty. It was a cake in ice-cream form (quite unusual), with a nice flavour of strawberries, and the top portion of the popsicle was covered in chocolate. Though at 150 rs, it was a bit expensive, but it is definitely worth trying as they use all natural ingredients (fruits, edible flowers, etc.) and it is quite tasty. Follow my blog!:

    Rishabh Bhatnagar

    Purchased a Frutilicious Frugurpop from Fat Lulu's in Galleria. Actually I've taken a long long time to write this review since I didn't know Frugurpop is the supplier of these popsicles. Frutilicious, as the name suggests, is loaded with slices of various exotic fruits like peach, blueberry, kiwi and strawberry. The main ice of it is also flavoured with lemon giving it a tangy finish. It's a real delight to eat them, but it comes in at price of 150 bucks, which for me is a bit pricey. They could certainly lower their costs one bit, to get in a larger crowd.


    Paletas nice actual fruit juices frozen great a must try may be a bit pricey fr some if u hav a habit of comparing wid walls nd other popscicle this is different category

    Anuj Gupta

    Good ice creams. Less variety but different flavours. Worth trying. Though since I've had natural flavour ice creams (kulfis) in Old Delhi ever since, I found these overpriced and not as great. But all in all, an option worth trying for those staying in Gurgaon.

    Mohini Dabarwal

    Somebody told us that Frugurpop has the most amazing icecreams ever!! (Yes with the exclamations) and we should definitely try the place since all my girlies are mad like me. So one sunny office day we did try Frugurpop and voila it was so average that I felt cheated. 150 bucks for a bar (I tried cookies and oreo) was espensive, but I still gave in to taste the most amazing thing ever. However I felt as all hyped things, it didn't live to it's expectations either. My friend ordered something chocolate something which was slightly better, but nowhere the 150 bucks thing! Green apple tasted slightly better, but I have no clue ehy people are dying over this place. Not recommended at all. I hate using very, but it was very average.